Members of the South African National Institute of Rock Engineering, in carrying out his/her profession, shall:

  1. Have due regard to public safety, health and the environment in general;
  2. Order his/her conduct so as to build and uphold the dignity, professional standing and reputation of the rock engineering profession;
  3. Discharge his/her duties to his/her client, customer or employer in an efficient and competent manner with complete integrity, fidelity and honesty;
  4. Not advertise his/her professional services in a self-laudatory manner or in a manner that is derogatory to the rock engineering profession;
  5. Not, maliciously of recklessly injure, either directly or indirectly, the professional reputation, prospects or business of any other member;
  6. Disclose to his/her client or employer any substantial interest he/she may have in any company, firm or person carrying out consulting manufacturing or contracting business which is or may be related to the work for which they are employed, as well as particulars of any royalties accruing to him/her from any article or process used in or for the purpose of the work in respect of which he/she is employed;
  7. Not undertake or offer to undertake rock engineering work of a nature for which his/her education, training and experience have not rendered him/her competent to perform;
  8. Provide work or services of a quality and scope and to a level which is commensurate with accepted industry standards and practices in the profession.