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    SANIRE promotes advancement of the discipline of rock engineering through the following objectives: Mission
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    Providing access to the global rock engineering fraternity through the ISRM. Mission (e)
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    To promote the interests of a vibrant Southern African rock engineering fraternity Vision


The events listed below are purely intended as information for SANIRE members or persons visiting the site. SANIRE, its Executive Council and Secretariat in no way approve, sponsor, or support the individual events UNLESS SPECIFICALLY STATED.

News and updates

Dr Harald Cahnbley

Tuesday, 10 March 2015
Harald was born in 1932 in Hamburg Germany. He went to school there until he was sent to Southern Germany to avoid the bombing during World War 2. Toward the end of the war he returned to Hamburg to help support his family in the aftermath of the war. After school he joined the Post Office in Hamburg and worked there for a short time. In about 1953 Harald came to South Africa, to join the Gover...(109)

Mechanised Underground Excavation in Mining and Civil Engineering

Monday, 09 March 2015
This conference is in response to the Civil and Mining industry being under immense pressure to deliver projects fast, efficiently and as safely as possible. Mechanised underground excavation and support installation is proving to be an invaluable and cost effective tool in the execution of a project. Technology exists for mechanised excavation where tunnels can be excavated from as small as 30...(99)

SANIRE NEWSLETTER Volume 1, Issue 1 (2015)

Tuesday, 24 February 2015
Dear Members Please follow the link to the latest bi-annual newsletter. Stories and articles are always welcome. Please email Paul Couto at Paul.couto@norplats.co.za for enquiries. Download the PDF version: icon SANIRE Newsletter_Volume 1_Issue 1_January_2015 (4.31 MB) or download the .pub version to publish the newsletter youreslf: SANIRE Newsletter_Volume 1_Issue 1_January_2015 (22.46 MB)(192)

Dr Michael Roberts

Tuesday, 24 February 2015
mike robertsDr Michael Roberts 26 January 1950 - 5 February 2015 Mike’s funeral took place on 11 February at St Michael’s Anglican Church in Bryanston. Mike’s wife, Kim, asked if I would pay tribute to Mike’s contribution to rock engineering research, and I was honoured to do so on behalf of our community. William Joughin asked if I would send a transcript of my eulogy to SANIRE. Here it is. Kim, Lindsay a...(163)

SANIRE Symposium 2014 - “Rock Engineering to the Rescue”

Tuesday, 24 February 2015
The Contribution of Rock Engineering to the Future of Mining “Rock Engineering to the Rescue” sym1 copyThe 11th of September 2014 saw the SANIRE Coalfields Branch hosting the annual SANIRE symposium for the second time since the 1989 SANGORM Symposium. One of the very first annual SANIRE symposiums was held in 1986 and there have been more than 20 symposiums since then. The decision that the 2014 Sympos...(139)

Personality of the Quarter - Noel Fernandes

Tuesday, 24 February 2015
noelInterview questions Full Name Noel Delphin Fernandes Position Group Rock Engineering Manager Company/ Organisations Impala Platinum Mines Date and Place of Birth 1961/12/24 Virginia OVS Education Barberton High School First Job Onsetter School Holidays, Electrical Apprenticeship Sheba Gold Mine in Barberton, then started as a learner official mining at Buffelsfontein Gold Mine. Personal Best Ac...(215)

Rock Star of the Quarter - Andre Esterhuizen

Tuesday, 24 February 2015
andreasInterview questions Full Name: Andreas (Andre) Petrus Esterhuizen Position: Rock Engineering Manager - Eastern Bushveld Company/ Organisations: I am employed byOpen House Management Solutions, and I am a member of SANIRE and SIAMM Date and Place of Birth: I was born in Klerksdorp on 14 April 1981 – the same day as the Lincoln assassination and the day the Titanic struck the ice berg. (Apparentl...(222)

Note on the estimation of joint shear strength for JBlock and other methods of analysis

Tuesday, 24 February 2015
William JoughinSRK Consulting Although this article is focused on the calculation of joint shear strengths for use in JBlock to evaluate underground rockfalls, it contains information relevant to anybody calculating joint shear strengths, in any rock engineering environment. When designing support in JBlock, it is important to investigate the joint characteristics in a Ground Control District (...(158)

SIM 140301 'Technology transfer on minimising seismic risk in the platinum mines' – launched

Tuesday, 24 February 2015
RockTalk Nov2014 In July 2011, the SIMRAC project SIM100301 ‘Minimising the increasing seismic risk in the platinum sector’, was successfully completed. The main authors of this project were SiM Mining Consultants on seismology and Middindi Consultants on rock engineering. SIM100301 looked at the causes of seismic conditions and the implications it held for mine design and practice on platinum ...(125)


Monday, 16 February 2015
Here is the final version of the program, for you to please distribute amongst your department and colleagues. If however there is anyone else that you would like to invite or make aware of this meeting, please feel free to forward this onto them as well. In terms of attending could you please contact either Sandor Petho or Stephen Poczik, by the latest the 18th of February 2015, so that we can...(149)

Sancot Conference 2015

Thursday, 29 January 2015
Mechanised Underground Excavations 23–24 April, 2015 - Conference 25 April 2015 - Technical Visit Elangeni Maharani, Durban The conference is being organised by The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy in affiliation with the South African National Committee on Tunnellig and presentations are invited for the conference. Prospective authors are invited to submit titles and abstrac...(214)

COM Rock Mechanic exam results for October 2014

Sunday, 21 December 2014
The Rock Engineering exam results for October 2014 is available. Results for P3.1 can be obtained by sending an email to Yolande.jooste@harmony.co.za(974)

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